2-in-1 Security Door = Door + Grille

Today our society is increasingly concerned about rising crime. Security for this reason has played an important role in protecting our homes and families. To protect our home before an intruder can enter, you may want to ensure that you have secure doors.

Some homeowners are going to the extra mile to install steel doors which are more durable than their traditional timber front doors.

Steel doors are guaranteed to provide the security and safety that homeowners are looking for in their doors because they are durable, long-lasting and weather-resistant. Styles can be incorporated to create a more uptown and stylish look.

This is one of the security door from igates which I’ve seen at Homedec recently.

door_igates security_door_overall

security_door_topopen security_door_lock


  • 2-in-1 security doors being latest and popular doors
  • Replace traditional timber door + security grille
  • Choose from stainless steel, powder coated and wrought iron
  • Choose from plentiful designs
  • Comes with openable/lockable top and bottom panels (open both panels for maximum ventilation, or close bottom panel to prevent entry of stray cats)
  • Price at RM1,600 onwards (for single leaf door)


2-in-1  —>  No Timber Door + No Security Grille

grille_door1 grille_door2 grille_door3


Let’s do a survey!

  1. Can you accept steel door at your main entrance?
  2. Or prefer a solid timber door which is more warm and welcoming?

I’m keen to hear from you.

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