24 Rooms in a 300 sqft Small Apartment – Part 1

24-Room Mansion In One Apartment

This mini-series will spread into 3 Parts. We have selected a few small apartments with built-ups between 90 sq ft – 500 sq ft and to learn on decorating small apartment designs and ideas.

Let’s take a look at how Hong Kong architect, Gary Chang miraculously transformed his 300 sq ft apartment into a 24-room mansion by using the simple idea of futuristic movable walls. Small area yet efficient space and user-friendly.

Small apartment design tips:

  • Use futuristic movable walls
  • Slide each wall away and the room fully transforms into a kitchen, mattress, living room and even a bath tub!
  • Install wall-mounted pull-out bed to save space as a bed occupies most area of home
  • There are mirrors all over to create the illusion of more space
  • Make full use of transparent windows to allow light in, thus the rooms are always bright
  • Thus making this home not only technological marvel, but also an eco-friendly home.

Check out Gary’s video:


YouTube Preview Image


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