Artistic Home Signs

This is one of the shop which I came across every time I visit HomeDec. I like their beautiful crafted home signs.

I suppose not many people will give much thought to personalizing their home signs after spending thousands or millions on their new homes. Actually the cost of putting up a unique sign is not really expensive and they are long lasting too. Meaning –> Once the signs are up, they will be there till you move to another house.

It reminds me of the time when I shop around for more selection of signs for my own home. Lucky enough, I got mine while traveling abroad at Amsterdam. Hooray!




… my home signs – with all the beautiful elements of Amsterdam …

home_signs_clogs home_signs_tulips home_signs_houses


After checking, I got to know the many types of home signs provided by Artistic Home Signs:

1) Unique hand-painted artistic home signs – Traditional, casted from very durable polyresin that is corrosion free and weatherproof, sprayed with several coats of durable weather resistant PU paint, can be custom-made to suit personal design or individual theme, suitable for interior and exterior use.


2) Personalized classic lace signs – Cast in solid reinforced resin, sign comes with a raised outer border and the numbers & letters is painted on the surface of the sign in antique finishing.


3) Distractive stone address plaques – Signs are carved on compressed polystone with distinctive deep groove and painted with exterior enamel.


4) Exclusively 3D engraved acrylic signs – Available in wide range of background colours with contrasting text, made of crystal clear and tinted glass casting acrylic with polished and beveled edges, and pre-drilled holes with standoff fixtures.


5) Contemporary glass etching signs – Use polished glass with stainless steel fixtures. The letters and numbers are sandblasted etching which will not peel off/weathered.


6) Modern stainless steel house numbers – Contemporary design in clean and durable stainless steel.


7) Weather resistant house numbers – Contemporary design in clean and durable stainless steel.


8 ) Vintage wooden house signs – Crafted from durable chengal wood to enhance natural beauty and unique character.


How about your home signs? Are they as artistic too? Are you willing to spend a little bit more on home signs? After all, home is where the heart is – our biggest investment!

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