The Beautiful & Artsy Nami Island @Seoul


When you travel to Nami Island, you don’t just see the rows of pine trees made popular by Korean drama series Winter Sonata.




There are a lot more to appreciate in this small beautiful island. In fact in these 7 days in Seoul, I can feel the artistic and creativity of Koreans in expressing themselves publicly. Romance is in the air. Try coming on a weekday to avoid the crowd.


Carvings on stone, timber, metal, pottery, you name it. They have it all here in Nami Island.








Or art works based on glass … great way to recycle our garbage!




Koreans have many creative ways to put up their business signboards.


And these are some of the signboards on chalets for those travelers wanting to stay overnight in Nami Island.




While walking along the rows of chalets, I spotted some outdoor decors. A lot of carvings in Nami Island right?

nami_island06  nami_island07


From this painted wall, can you find the direction to your guest house?



If you look carefully, you’ll know the way to toilet too.



How green. Even the recycle dustbin is green.



There are a lot of benches in the island for us to rest our legs from walking.



Very pleasant sight – “snowmans” all over Nami Island. Winter Sonata has huge impact on Asian travelers.




Even the bicycle used in filming Winter Sonata is on display. WOW!



From a close look, the tower is actually built from old books. Another small step towards recycling.



Don’t be surprise if you ever see a white cow standing upside down. Surprises everywhere. You simply won’t be bored walking around the island.



How to go to Nami Island [ 남이섬 ]?

The most convenient method is by Shuttle Bus.

Bus departure from Tapgol Park at Insadong: 9.30am
Bus departure from Nami Island: 4.00pm


Where to buy shuttle bus ticket?




Nami Island Seoul Center
Address: 3F Gallery Sin-sang, 157, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82-2-753-1247
Email: [email protected]





The center accepts payment by credit card. It is advisable to reserve your shuttle bus tickets in advance as there is only one bus per day. Send an email reservation to [email protected]

Initially I thought we’ll have too much time in the island. However, the journey to Nami Island itself takes about 1.5 hour depending on traffic. We went on Sunday and the traffic is bad, so we took 2 hours to reach. After minus the travel time and lunch time, we have about 2-3 hours to explore the island with so many to see and play.


Have you been to Nami Island? What do you like most? Drop a line and share with us yah.


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