Bukit OUG is Flattened, NO Longer a Bukit


If you always pass by KESAS highway, after Awan Besar toll heading towards Sri Petaling, I’m sure you can see the progress of 2 new condominium projects ie.  The Z Residence and Kiara Residences (Phase I & II) which are located just along the highway. As a frequent traveler, each day I can see how the BUKIT is being flattened. Eventually Bukit OUG is no longer a bukit.

Just in case, fast facts: The Z Residence is developed by Trinity Group while Kiara Residences by Kiara Resources Properties. And the not yet reveal The Rainz by Exsim Group.



The Z Residence is on a more sloppy side compared to Kiara Residences and The Rainz




Hoardings are up and foundation works is in progress for Kiara Residence I



No more Bukit right? And no more greens right?


While visiting a relative at Fortuna Court condominium, I snap a few photos from 7th floor to have a better picture. For info, Fortuna Court is just opposite Bukit OUG condominium, divided by KESAS highway. Although Fortuna Court is not as near to highway, but the noise pollution from busy KESAS highway can be sometimes unbearable especially at night. I wonder how the potential residents of The Z Residence and Kiara Residences going to cope with the noise level as these two condominiums are much nearer to highway.



Kiara Residence I & II are side by side



When Kiara Residence I is completed in 2014, this new condominium of 12 storeys will cover up the views of existing Bukit OUG.

(it’s a bit concern if your house is opposite an empty land, not knowing what kind of development in future)




 By 2014, these three condominiums will give some vibrant and new face to the existing old and matured neighborhood. Plus, LRT should be running too.


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10 Responses to Bukit OUG is Flattened, NO Longer a Bukit

  1. I lived in Bukit OUG Condo. the on-going developments are massive. with those surrounding condos and also LRT extension. What i fear most is the landslide. noise is common nowadays, plus the polluted air. if you park your car outside, u better be ready with what awaits you in the morning. traffic congestion is common too, and i don’t think i can see meself still living in Bukit OUG in the next 10 years.

  2. thanks for sharing, if well maintain slope, good drainage & plants will reduce soil erosion,
    although i am new to this area, hope escape route out of this bukit..ha..ah

    • I believe Trinity Group will keep it’s promise in building the escape route out of this “bukit”.
      As you can see, Trinity is willing to spend money to build a flyover to it’s new handover property ie. The Zest at Kinrara 9.
      So be patient! :p

  3. Like beverly hill in kota kinabalu, the residents complained till the road was widen to few lanes…. solutions are useful…… propose to the authorities like in KK…..

  4. also, build small flyovers to exit to various highways from the area….. write to DBKL, politicians, police to take actions on the cars which have been parked illegally worsening the traffic flows in the area… tow away the cars, issue summon daily, etc etc…..

  5. Development brings change and betterment to the areas same as Sentul has been transformed , ytl continued to develop high-rise condo in Sentul…. existing property prices in this area continued to rise, wealthier property owners, etc… retail biz in the area flourish, etc,…. Of course, wider roads with more lanes, short flyovers to link to the highways, actions taken by policemen to tow away illegally parked cars, issue summon, etc etc,,, together the whole city or town will be transformed….solution is key n creativity…. bukit oug condo can also be demolished or rebuilt by developers who r willing to buy from the existing owners…. repainting, renovation, refurbish, etc can also enhance the value of bukit oug condo

  6. Build or erect concrete wall or quay along the river. Deepen the river. Replace the bridge with bigger n better one.

  7. Do the same things at bukit oug condo area…

    Enforcement officers tow cars after many stern warnings


    Force of the law: Cars parked for repairs along Jalan Patin 8/7 in Section 8 being towed away by enforcement officers.

    THIRTY-two parking compounds were issued to motorists while three other cars were towed along Jalan Patin 8/7 in Section 8, that is notorious for its long stretch of haphazard parking on both sides of the narrow road.

    Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) enforcement department carried out the “surprise visit” at 10.35am and decided to compound and tow the vehicles after stern warnings to remove the vehicles were defied.

    MBPJ enforcement director Mohd Fauzi Maarop said the road leading to the residential area is flanked

    by a row of workshops, and the mechanics park the vehicles, waiting for repairs to be done, along the road.

    “Our men have been monitoring the road and the excessive number of parked cars causes disruption to the traffic flow in the neighbourhood. Some of the residents have told our officers that the situation was unbearable as some cars had blocked the entrance to their homes at Jalan Temelian and Jalan Toman 8/18,” he said.

    Fauzi added that MBPJ had received complaints that the mechanics have resorted to keeping the cars scheduled for repairs at Jalan 8/5 overlooking the Federal Highway and warned that the cars would be towed next week.

    As the officers towed the cars at Jalan 8/7 and issued the compounds, several people from the shops shouted vulgar words while some made lewd gestures but the officers remained calm.

    In 2014, the enforcement department had issued 423 compounds and 20 cars were towed in Section 8 alone.

    From January until yesterday, 112 compounds were issued while 14 vehicles were towed.

  8. In terms of location, KR2 beats the rest in the area…visit the site, you will know what I meant…

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