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Interview with Meridian Interior Design


  This week we manage to conduct an interview with Lola Lim, the lead interior designer from Meridian Interior Design Sdn Bhd. I came across the design company two year ago through her blog. Besides the usual displaying of beautiful photos of completed projects, her blog writing has caught my attention. I read all her blog posts within that night itself. I find the blog unique in it’s own way… more

Pest Control Part 3 – Ants & Bugs


Today is Part 3 of our pest control mini-series.  In Part 1, we covered pest management in general.  In Part 2, we gave you insights on termites.  Today, we’re talking about other common pest at homes.   “On Ants & Cockroaches” Ants and cockroaches are the most common pest found in a home. It is so common that most homeowners do nothing about it. What do you recommend to get… more

Pest Control Part 2 – Termites


  Today is Part 2 of our pest control mini-series.  In Part 1, we covered pest management in general.  Today, we’ll gave you insights on termites. “On Termites” One of the common pest threats is termites. If you could tell us one thing about termites, what would it be? ‘A home is either one – having termite or going to have termite’!   How do we know if our home… more

Pest Control Part 1 – Pest Management


  As part of our educational posts, we’ll be starting a “mini-series” on pest control issues.  We hope to provide you with valuable information, but spread the posts out over the course of a week so that you are not overwhelmed with too many details at once.  This week we will be talking about pest management in general. Joining us for this mini-series is Nicholas from Hygiene Partners Sdn Bhd,… more

Interview with Interior Designers Paul + Pris


  As we are constantly trying to improve our content, starting today we decided to add an extra category to our site. We will be taking interviews, asking a series of questions regarding the interior design industry and the results will be posted for all our readers to see and comment. Our “targets” are designers and architects everywhere who feel they have something to say. If you are one of… more