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Kewlox Cabinets gives FREE RM15,000 worth furniture


  IMPORTANT NOTICE IF YOU HAVE A SHOP!   Kewlox Extreme Shop Make-Over Promo As simple as 123… All you need to do is to download, read, fill out and submit the Extreme Make-Over application form. Fill out your details, sign and email to [email protected] or fax to 03-2201 2544. This promo is valid till February 15th 2016, after which Kewlox Cabinets will announce the lucky winning shop.   Pre-requisite… more

IKEA New Catalogue 2016 (Malaysia Version)


    The IKEA 2016 catalogue is on it’s way to door step of some homes in Malaysia. I’ve got mine! Anyway I went to IKEA recently for a quick visit – to find a kitchen tap.   Coincidentally, I found out IKEA is “renovating” a room to showcase IKEA PS 2015 New Design Collection. For your info, IKEA PS 2015 is the 7th IKEA PS design collection. The inspiration… more

Charlie Brown Cafe @KLCC


  Cartoon themed restaurant and cafe has finally landed into Malaysia. Charlie Brown Cafe in KLCC was opened last year, after the first outlet in Penang’s Straits Quay. Although I have plans to visit Charlie Brown Cafe while we were in Seoul last May, unfortunately, happy times passed by very fast and we were unable to make it. We only have time for Hello Kitty Cafe. If you’d like to… more

Hello Kitty Cafe @Seoul


  As Kuala Lumpur does not have cartoon themed restaurants and cafes, we visited Hello Kitty Cafe while we were in Seoul early this year. This cafe is located in Hongdae (Hongik University). In short, the whole cafe has only one color tone ie. PINK. And only one character ie. HELLO KITTY. If you are a macho man and allergic to color pink, I still recommend you to visit. Just… more

Go to Publika for FOOD + ARTS


  Publika Solaris Dutamas has become our new favorite mall. After my second visit, I soon realized that Publika is an arts-themed shopping centre, or an art gallery of whatever form. Art in environment will take the form of art walls, sculptures, décor pieces and artistic installation. I appreciate that this is the ONLY one mall in KL which aims to reinvent the shopping experience by bringing art to life… more

Ssamziegil, the NO.1 attraction in Insadong


  Insadong has a lot to offer to travelers.The streets are filled with shops selling souvenirs, antiques, old books, paintings, ceramic and exhibition halls. But most of all, do not miss the NO. 1 attraction in Insadong – Ssamziegil mall. Ssamziegil is a unique point inside Insadong. It is a 4-storey building with over 70 shops. The mall opened in 2004 and is the home to various shops selling paintings,… more

New Weirdo Bars in Shanghai


  When I first saw the news that former bomb shelter in Shanghai was converted into an underground bar, I was shocked! I mean, of so many night clubs to hang out, why go underground to a bomb shelter!     It is suppose to be a totally concealed area. My concerns are since it is underground and to enter the bar, you have to walk through narrow passage which… more

My Ikea Custom Made Curtain


  As mentioned in my earlier post, IKEA had a storewide sale from March 8th – 25th. I was delighted to know that there was 15% OFF Sewing Services for all types of sewing when you buy fabric from IKEA. I have never had my curtains made from IKEA. My existing curtains are custom made by MACY. Since one of my rooms needs urgent curtain replacement, I head off to… more

10 Essential iPhone Apps for Home Improvement


  Every few years, houses need updating, to replace designs and interiors that go out of style. But embarking on a home improvement project could mean taking care of every detail from what color to paint, how many cartoons of tiles to buy to which timber floor to use. Regardless of how big or small the project, choices need to be made in every step towards our Dream Home!  … more

New Arrivals in IKEA Store


  Have you seen new arrivals in IKEA store Malaysia? I’ve picked few of my favorites   VÄNNERNA LÅNG Cushion RM55 Looks like a candy or banana? It’s a collection that’s both a little cuddly and a little trendy. Good support when reading or playing computer games. Available in pink and grey.     VÄNNERNA DRAGKEDJA Quilt cover and pillowcase RM99 I’m soft cotton and nice, so please don’t UNZIPPPP… more

Ikea Will Sell Consumer Electronics


  TV, SOUND AND FURNITURE. ALL IN ONE.   How exciting it is to hear that IKEA will soon sell furniture with built-in electronics such as TVs and sound systems. The first item in the “Uppleva” range will be a stand that combines a LED TV, a wireless sound system, an internet connection and CD, DVD and Blu-Ray player. Uppleva aims to bring beauty and functionality to the living room,… more

Nippon Momento™ Wallpaper Paint


  Nippon Paint Malaysia has launched a new paint: Nippon Momento™ Wallpaper Paint. Highlights of this product include: Rustic yet stylish look Low in VOC & odour Contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metals Long-lasting wallpaper finish   There are 4 types of Nippon Momento™ Finishing. Elegant                                                                         Sparkle Silver             Sparkle Pearl                                                              Sparkle Gold   In short, follow 5 easy steps to wallpainting.… more