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Kewlox Cabinets – A Colorful Storage Furniture


        Whether you are planning for a storage furniture or an office furniture, Kewlox Cabinets may be just the right furniture for you!   What are Kewlox Cabinets ? Kewlox Cabinets, launched in Belgium in 1959, is among the first few Do-It-Yourself kit furniture. The pieces making up the cabinets fit together without nails or screws, and can be assembled without any tools. In a way, assembling… more

Tokyo has Alice In Wonderland Themed Restaurant


  Landed in Tokyo and not sure where to eat? How about trying out one of the most famous themed restaurant – Alice In Wonderland Themed Restaurant? Now you can be in wonderaland too with the latest inclusion to the Alice In Wonderland Restaurants by Diamond Dining. Designed by Japanese Design Studio, it is located in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district. With different sections that features scenes from the 1951 movie,… more

Recycle Skateboard Into Home Decor Piece


  Attention avid skate boarders! The next time you don’t know what to do with your old skateboard, just pass it to Haroshi – a self taught Japanese artist. Haroshi is a passionate skater who turned skateboard sculptor with his ability to recycle old used skateboards into a different art form. What he does is to cut out in different shapes or kept in their original forms, connect them in… more

Unique Home Décor Made in Japan


  Recently I bumped into a home décor blog from Singapore. I like the idea, passion and persistence in the owners to go all around the world to collect, create and curate meaningful objects. Although I have not been to S U P E R M A M A store, but from the pictures, I believe shopping in this home décor store is just like walking through the collections of… more

Enchanted Wood Furniture by Nathan Yong


  Add some warmth to your interior by mixing natural materials such as these Walnut and Oak pieces, designed by Nathan Yong and proudly Malaysian made furniture.   Who is Nathan Yong ? Designer Nathan Yong earned recognition as a trailblazer in the Singapore design scene when he founded design company Air Division in 1999 with three friends. Air Division was the first Singaporean company to sell its designs to… more

Experience The Japanese Toilets!


  It will be a little embarrassing to talk about my experience with Super Toilet not too long ago. Allow me to continue … I was lucky to be able to tag along in my husband’s business trip to Shanghai, all at company’s expense *wink – great right? And we couldn’t be luckier as our return flight was upgraded from economy to business class. Hooray! It was my first time… more

How About Designer’s Non-Digital Wall Clocks?


  My search for a wall clock continues… This round I search at Timeless Design online store. I used to purchase a lot of furniture and décor items from Timeless for my company’s projects. Timeless Design is one of the few furniture stores in KL which offer good and modern products, yet reasonably priced. Psst.. if you are on budget, here you can also hunt for furniture and accessories which… more

Modern Designer Wall Clocks


  Online shopping is gaining popularity among internet users throughout the world. I am looking for a wall clock for my kitchen. Thus took the advantage to browse through e-catalog from few local furniture stores with just a few clicks. Here’s what I got from HAUS Living Concepts Furniture Online Store. Have a look of the designer’s collection of wall clocks!     EN Suspend Wall Clock is a sleek… more

Poco Zakka & Kitchen = Cafe + Decor + Handmade


  If you are planning a get together in a cozy ambience and retro-inspired décor place, Poco Zakka & Kitchen may be the perfect place for you. Yes! We had lunch here few days ago. I simply love the interior and décor which pays a lot of attention to details. Cozy and homely. Thumbs up to the designer! Poco Zakka & Kitchen is actually a Japanese restaurant serving Japanese Fusion… more

We Have Online Furniture Stores!


  Online shopping is a new, fast catching up trend among Malaysian shoppers. Many conventional brick and mortar retailers are also taking advantage of this trend by setting up their respective online shopping portals. And guess what, after a few surveys, I realized there are actually furniture stores in Kuala Lumpur which provide online shopping portals. These online furniture stores not only showcase latest catalogue, but also provide the convenience… more

Spark Up Children’s Room with Philips Lights


  Create Fun spaces with light and colour If you are decorating children’s room, take a look, at how you can spark up the room with creative unique lightings. I came across these pendant and wall lights from Philips Lights that will sure sparks your child’s imagination and creativity. Price ranges from RM130 – RM248.   Highlights of Philips Lights: Energy saving Designed for use with energy-saving light bulbs 80%… more

Furniture Buying Guide Made Easy


  Everyone enjoys a comfortably furnished home where everything is just the way they want it. This simple furniture buying guide intends to help you make smart decisions when shopping for furniture with some basic information and guidelines, so you can have the most enjoyment and the most value for your furniture.   1)  Identify your personal style and preferences Are you sure red is the colour for you?  … more