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3 Reasons To Buy Furniture Online


  Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos   In the new era of ever changing electronic world, one of the biggest results is online shopping. Millions of people make purchases online every day, from electronics and clothing to vacations and groceries. Now it is even possible to buy furniture online, and here are 3 reasons why you should consider buying furniture online.   Firstly, shoppers who use the Internet to find… more

Breaking A Terraced House Into Bungalow


  J-House in Subang Jaya has won Silver Award from PAM 2014 under category Alterations & Additions. There was no gold winner. From the outside, the house looks pretty much like any other properties in the neighbourhood, but its interior and design is all its own. This isn’t an ordinary 22ft x 75ft 2-storey terraced house which boasts a built-up of 1,500sq ft. The approach was to create the qualities… more

Centrio + It’s Gold Winning SoHo Concept


    Continuing our journey in search of “gold medalist” of PAM 2014 Awards, let’s look at YTL Land with Gold Award for Centrio Pantai Hillpark.   MULTIPLE RESIDENTIAL (HIGH-RISE) Gold: Centrio Pantai Hillpark, Kuala Lumpur Designed by: Tan Eng Keong Architect in collaboration with YTL Design Group Client: YTL Land Berhad Jury’s comments: Interesting display of variety and a sculptural quality within a disciplined rectilinear geometry.   Centrio features… more

After 30years, Ikea Resizes BILLY Bookshelf


  Since its introduction in 1979, IKEA has sold more than 40 million units of BILLY Bookcase worldwide – making the BILLY bookcase the world’s biggest seller when it comes to bookcase (I just realize BILLY is over 30 years old!). Designer thoughts “It was 30 years ago I got the assignment to design a simple, functional and smart storage solution for books. I couldn’t have imagined then that BILLY… more

Enchanting 20Trees with PAM Silver Award


  Today we will look at 20Trees in Melawati, Kuala Lumpur which obtain 2014 PAM Silver Award under category Multiple Residential (Low-Rise). There was no Gold Award. MULTIPLE RESIDENTIAL (LOW-RISE)   Silver: 20Trees, Melawati Designed by: Chan Sau Yan Associates, Singapore Client: SDB Properties Sdn Bhd     Jury’s comments: Daring interplay of simple rectilinear geometrical expression that captures the serenity of the hilly environment. The design brief was a… more

Gold Award for House at Damansara


  This week we will highlight some of the buildings which triumphed GOLD awards from 2014 PAM (Malaysian Institute of Architects) Awards. The PAM Awards is a yearly premier award for architecture in Malaysia. The objective is to honor contributions made by architects, clients/owners and builders/contractors for architectural design excellence and advancement of quality built environment. This year itself PAM received a total of 269 submissions for a total of… more

How To Choose The Right Nippon Paint Colour


  Since Nippon Paint is having Big Paint Sale till end of this month, perhaps you are now figuring out the best colour to match your home. Well, Nippon Paint’s webpage is very user-friendly and informative too. There are few tools to help you get the right paint for your home at no fuss. 1)  You can always check out the new season’s key colour palettes. Simply go to Colour… more

IKEA Small Spaces – Small Ideas


  SPACE. There’s only so much. ‘ When you run out, that’s it.   Or is it?   What could you do more with the space you have?   In addition to new IKEA 2015 Catalog, IKEA comes out with a short video clip too. Very interesting video. Enjoy!     Small ideas are about finding and using hidden spaces and choosing furniture that does more than one thing. It’s… more

Smart Home Security System – Home IN A BOX


  I came across a forward email with interesting photos from a South African home – a self-contained home security. As we are increasingly concerned about rising crime, security has played an important role in protecting our homes and families. You may want to ensure that you have security doors and security grilles to protect your home before an intruder can enter. Well this home owner has a truly amazing… more

DIY Project: Ceiling Fan Blades In Chevron Pattern


    I came across this diy project and find it an awesome and fun project. If you are on a tight budget and a fancy ceiling fan is not in the plan, give your existing fan an upgrade. Or don’t fight over Haiku Kotuku or Alpha. You can simply buy a simple white ceiling fan (easily available in any electrical shop at RM100+) and show off your colouring skills.… more

New IKEA 2015 Catalog Is Out (Malaysia Version)


  Look Out For The IKEA 2015 Catalog (Malaysia Version) As mentioned in my previous post, IKEA 2015 Catalog is out last week but the version is for United States. Yesterday IKEA’s new catalog – the Malaysian Version is out. Visit IKEA to grab a copy or view the catalog online here. The user-friendly browsing experience! Although some arrangements look cramp, but it’s a great place to find affordable interior… more

Customize Your Ikea Furniture with Mykea


  Say ‘NO’ to Naked furniture Are you a big fan of Ikea? Do you sometimes feel that Ikea furniture is too naked, wanting to add splash of colours and funkiness? Or perhaps you get bored seeing the same Ikea interior everywhere around you? We have the solution now! Customize your Ikea furniture with Mykea. Mykea is created to make your Ikea more beautiful, unique and personal…   What is… more