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Top 13 Next Wallcovering Ideas


I came across some wonderful wallpaper for home designs by Eiffinger. They are from the Wallpower Next collection consisting of some great photographswalls. These new 80 designs include an exclusive selection of stunning, huge single-motif designs along with wall sized designs, drawings and text panels. Its striking images yet elegant and dramatic, can provide an ideal way to add new levels of elegance to homes and public areas such as… more

Blum Lift Systems For Modern Kitchen


The new Blum Lift systems – Servo Drive Aventos with electric opening & closing can provide home owners with even more user comfort.     Highlight: A gentle touch on fronts suffices to open Blum’s lift systems. And they close again just as conveniently at the press of a beautifully designed wireless switch (which is within easy reach in cabinet interiors). System: The tried and tested “Blumotion” effect, for a… more

Blum Effortless Kitchen Drawers Opening And Closing Action


SERVO-DRIVE, the new drawer opening system, and BLUMOTION, the solution for silent and effortless closing action, are the ideal combination when you want high quality of motion for modern kitchen.   Highlight: Drawers and pull-outs open automatically with just a light touch on a handless front or a light pull of the handle. System: This new development is based on an electrical drive that is triggered by an opening signal.… more

11 Awesome Ways To Paint Your Wall


Today wall murals are one of the most popular and creative ways to paint and decorate the walls of your home with wall art. These aesthetically pleasing wall art will certainly captures whoever views them. If you are looking to personalize your home walls with your personal touch, here are some examples of mural paintings.   via baywideweb   via topeleganthomes   via topeleganthomes   via topeleganthomes   via inhometrend… more

Wood Bathroom Vanity Designs is the New IT!


The new Fusion Style bathroom line by Flora offers edgy and ultra-modern, yet down-to-earth styles. Designed by Paul Pardini and Charles Lapucci from Idea Design International, Flora Fusion Style bathroom line creates a polished blend of elegance and intricacy. This Italian company creates unique pieces with imprinted veneer designs of a very classy quality. The designers bring their wood bathroom design ideas to realization, exploring the contrast of smooth acrylic… more

Stylish “Floating” Kitchen Spice Racks


1-Line Spice Rack is constructed from 1/4” thick brushed stainless steel bars. The unique part is: Each piece is meticulously welded and finished to create a seamless line which appears to float on the wall. The rack mounts to the wall with two screws. Each spice rack comes with 15 glass mini cube bottles with cork tops. Although the olive oil bottle is not included, the rack fits most standard… more

FLOR Carpet Tiles for Hassle-Free Installation


  FLOR carpet tile is design for modern living. The innovative system of coordinating 50cm (19.7-inch) modular carpet square tiles allows anyone to mix and match to create a custom floor covering in any shape for any space – rug, runner or wall-to-wall. I really like this carpet tiles. It’s like bringing an outdoor garden to indoor. 2 square tiles for $41.99.   Easy to assemble. FLOR squares assemble together… more

Colourange – Britannia’s Unique Colour Matching Cookers


Colourange is Britain’s very first bespoke colour match service for range cookers. With the launch of Colourange, stylish homeowners are cooking up hundreds of shades of rainbow colours. Forget ‘white’! Colour is indeed king in the kitchen. Get your inspiration from anywhere and Britannia will match it Britannia’s Colourange gives you the opportunity to specify exactly what colour you wish your Britannia range cooker to be. It’s the perfect way… more

How I Copy Designer’s Kitchen Storage Cabinets At Lower Cost


Keeping your kitchen workspaces clean, functional and organized can help you cut down on mealtime stress and avoid common kitchen annoyances, such as hunting around for missing utensils or buried appliances.  Instilling some thrifty kitchen storage ideas may also improve the decor and flow of your kitchen with little effort on your part. Renovating a whole house has taken up a lot of budget. Thus I have came up with… more

2-in-1 Security Door = Door + Grille


Today our society is increasingly concerned about rising crime. Security for this reason has played an important role in protecting our homes and families. To protect our home before an intruder can enter, you may want to ensure that you have secure doors. Some homeowners are going to the extra mile to install steel doors which are more durable than their traditional timber front doors. Steel doors are guaranteed to… more

Lebensstil has “Twin Tower Hoods”


At KLCC, we have Petronas Twin Tower. At Lebensstil, we have Twin Tower Hoods! Although I have not seen these hoods before, the sales team at Homedec told me they are in market for 2 years. Personally I don’t like the design, I would prefer clean, slim, rectangular hoods either in glass or stainless steel.   Discovery: Most suitable for heavy cooking kitchens. Why? It has suction power of 1300m3/hr… more

How To Create Ambience with LED Candle Lights


  A new and cool design using LED to replace conventional wax candles. They really look like REAL wax candles. I think these LED candles suit me. It’s much safer since I have an active running toddler at home. Advantages: Like the REAL – pickering candle light that can be blown out Environment friendly – no fume, no CO2 emission Save to use with – no flame, no risk of… more