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Being Greeted By Man In Red


As I step into the exhibition hall of HomeDec 2014 KL, my attention goes to the statue “Red Man” standing at GDO’s front booth. I like the idea of GDO putting this “Red Man” here – to greet every visitor who passby definitely an attention catcher home décor piece GDO has always offer distinctive range of elegant, innovative and multi-functional designer lighting, furniture and home decor pieces. It`s all here… more

Artistic Home Signs


This is one of the shop which I came across every time I visit HomeDec. I like their beautiful crafted home signs. I suppose not many people will give much thought to personalizing their home signs after spending thousands or millions on their new homes. Actually the cost of putting up a unique sign is not really expensive and they are long lasting too. Meaning –> Once the signs are… more

How Shop Front Display become a Street Art


Thinking of how to attract visitors to your shop front or how to persuade passersby to enter your shop and buy your products? Clever shop front design certainly can catch passerby attention from great distance. I’ve taken some photos while traveling around. Hopefully someday designers and business owners in Malaysia are inspired and “dress up” their shops creatively. I am dying to see these shop front displays here. Definitely will… more

Colourful Exterior Paint Houses – Do You Dare?


There are a few cities and towns in the world that showcase awesome creative exterior paint houses. Many of these places are seaside, and use incredibly bright exterior colours. It’s a very cool idea, and adds a lot to the places, making them vibrant and interesting. And it can be a town’s trademark too!   Here are some photos of amazingly exterior paint houses that I’ve seen during my travel… more

How To Maintain Solid Surface Tops


Like all tops, after some time solid surface will be less shine and requires home maintenance. My contractor recommends me to use lemon pledge which can be purchased from any hardware store. It is quite effective to clean dirt and shine my tops with 2-3 rounds of spraying and wiping. more

Why Use Solid Surface Kitchen Tops


Pros: Variety of colours, from solid plain colours to natural dark colours (which other interior materials ie. granite and marble can’t offer so much) No joint lines Price slightly cheaper than granite and marble Cons: My personal opinion, solid surface tends to stain and scratch easier than granite. It is always wise to wipe your top immediately when there’s a spilt of coffee or sauce. So far after 5 years,… more

Do You Want Solid Surface Kitchen Tops?


We always heard the word solid surface, but I suppose not everyone knows about it. I, myself like solid surface very much. That’s why I use solid surface for my kitchen tops. No regrets! What Is Solid Surface? Solid surface is a type of popular interior material for vertical and horizontal applications for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, sinks and bowls. There are 2 types of solid surface, being distinguish by… more