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Review: Hilton Hotel KL Sentral


  This is the first time we had a stay cation. It may seem weird for most people. Grown up in kl, still live in kl and still want to holiday in kl? Why not travel outside of kl? There are plenty of places to go within Malaysia. In case, the word stay cation is too overwhelming, I’ll list the definition here according to Wikipedia. ” A stay cation is… more

Happy New Year 2016


    Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone. Thank you for the continuous support. Let’s make 2016 a spectacular year. Cheers!     more

Cartoony signages in Publika


  This was what happened in Publika one fine day. I was heading to the ladies. This caught me with surprise!  So cute, or rather a cartoony way of “labelling”. There’s no need for signs ie. Ladies, Gents and Disable.   ” A picture paints a thousand words. “     This is the best one!  I only realized who VVIP are referring to, after the second visit (ish.. ish..… more

Tune Hotel Penang: A Review


  Last month I had my first experience staying in Tune Hotel. Initially I was a little skeptical to try out a low cost budget hotel. Hmm… why not? Let’s try. Perhaps I was coming from no expectation, after a night’s stay, the hotel weighted beyond my expectation. If you don’t mind the mini size, Tune Hotel has a lot to offer.   Narrow road leading to the hotel’s parking… more

Where to Wear Korean Hanbok for FREE


  Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress. During our trip to Seoul, we wear Korean Hanbok twice. And for FREE! Hehe. Where do we wear them?   1)  Gwanghwamun Square – This place was introduced by our volunteer tour guide. There is a small booth towards Gwanghwamun subway station. The traditional clothing is very simple, but we still enjoy it. Make sure you snap a photo in Hanbok with the… more

Korea Volunteer Tour Guides


  If you travel to Korea by your own, meaning without a tour guide, you can apply for a volunteer tour guide to accompany you on your trip. These goodwill guides provide information on tourist attractions, transportation, where to eat, or any advice you may need when traveling in Korea. Here’s how you can apply: 1)  Meteor Youth Voluntary Club – Meteor Youth Voluntary Club consists of university students. The… more

Got your IKEA Family Card?


  Do you receive IKEA Family Card? We got our card last week.   What is IKEA Family? This card will replace IKEA Friends card. In short, it’s a member card, something like Bonus Link card. Enjoy cost savings and earn Bonus Points with purchase. The benefits include: Lifetime membership Earn Bonus Points for store vouchers Get 3x Bonus Points on your birthday month (from June 2015 onwards) Save with… more

What We Eat In Seoul


  When my husband said, “Let’s go to Korea”. I have this fear of what to eat in Korea. Although I was born and live in Malaysia throughout my whole life, I am suppose to be like an average Malaysian who can’t live without chili. Ehem, to put in better words, I’m unique because I don’t take spicy food. And when I told people that we are going to Seoul… more

The Beautiful & Artsy Nami Island @Seoul


  When you travel to Nami Island, you don’t just see the rows of pine trees made popular by Korean drama series Winter Sonata.     There are a lot more to appreciate in this small beautiful island. In fact in these 7 days in Seoul, I can feel the artistic and creativity of Koreans in expressing themselves publicly. Romance is in the air. Try coming on a weekday to… more

Review: Chungmuro Residence, Seoul


  In our 6 nights in Seoul, we stay 3 nights in traditional Korean hanok guesthouse and another 3nights in modern apartment in Chungmuro Residence. We booked a Family Room for 4. Our room number is 404. While booking through Agoda, I’ve requested for a room at Level 3 or 4. There is WIFI access for rooms on these two levels as it could still detect the WIFI of the… more

Review: Hanok Stay at Manaedang Guesthouse, Seoul


  First of all, what is Hanok? Hanok is a term to describe Korean traditional houses. The houses are often equipped with the ondol heated rock system for heating during cold winters and a wide front porch for keeping the house cool during hot summers.   “ Hanok Stay refers to staying in a traditional Korean house built since decades to hundreds of years old ago. It is a good… more

Happy Birthday to ME


Happy Birthday to ME. Happy Birthday to ME. Happy Birthday to MEeee. Happy Birthday to ME.   Time flies. It’s been exactly a year since I started this blog. Throughout this whole year, I have received many replies from readers, asking me details of project launches – pricing, which units are available, how to buy, where to buy etc. Here, I wish to repeat this – Thank you for your… more