Sweet Dreams In Maison Moschino Hotel

I recently came across this ultimate experienced hotel and fall in love at once with it’s interior design.

Welcome to Maison Moschino in central Milan. Back in 1840, the building was once a neoclassical railway station and was one of the city’s most beautiful buildings. Today, it has completely been reinterpreted by adding 65 contemporary hotel rooms and suites inspired by a visionary and contemporary fairy tale theme.

The surrealist world of Moschino welcomes you to its magical atmosphere suspended between dream and reality. Neoclassical taste was kept and emphasized during the renovation works. You’ll be guided to the dream world, leaving behind the clichés and setting the imagination free.

Wait no more, let’s look at its’ rooms…

The Life is a bed of Roses room is draped with petals where sleeping will become a dream of scented roses.

maison_moschino_rose1 maison_moschino_rose2


The Sweets Room – imagine yourself nestle at night with pillows crafted to look like oversized tarts and desserts.




Discover the Clouds room – the bedspread and sheep are simply lovely.

maison_moschino_clouds1 maison_moschino_cloud4














The Sleeping in a Ballgown room where the bed is shaped as a gala dress.

maison_moschino_gown1 maison_moschino_gown3














In the Little Red Riding Hood inspired room, you will find a 3D wolf on the bedspread.














Cup shaped tables inspired by Alice in Wonderland.



The Forest room, there’s a little owl night lamp.














For more information about Hotel Maison Moschino, visit http://www.maisonmoschino.com/en.  Room rental starts from EU170 per night.

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