3R’s of FancyBugs Decorative Wall Art Stickers


Are you running out of wall decoration ideas? If you complain that your home is plain and boring and lacked the artistic touch, try decorative wall stickers.


Wall stickers are an inexpensive and safe way to transform any rooms from bland and boring into an amazing space. Because Wall stickers are lot less permanent and relatively inexpensive, they are great alternative to wallpaper, wall murals, paint or stencils.


What Is FancyBugs Decorative WALL Art Stickers ?
FancyBugs Decorative WALL Art Stickers are premium self-adhesive stickers designed by local and foreign art enthusiasts for people who always wanted to give their home an artistic touch. They are made from finest quality and unsurpassed vinyl material and eco-friendly patented adhesive.

The DIY nature of FancyBugs Decorative WALL Art Stickers allows you to be the artist and showcase your creativity. Great to know that with one set of wall stickers, we can come out with various wall art ideas.

Our 3 R’s of FancyBugs Decorative WALL Art Stickers: Removable, repositionable, and reusable let you be ready to transform your room anytime; all you have to do is, literally, just Peel-And-Stick.


FancyBugs WALL ART Stickers are Peel-And-Stick, there are easily removable, repositionable, and even reusable unlike most other Europe and Asia brand wall stickers.

FancyBugs Decorative WALL ART stickers are not confined to just walls. You can stick them onto any smooth surface such as glass doors, windows panes, ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathroom tiles, glasses, wardrobes, home appliances, etc.


Characteristics ?
FancyBugs Decorative WALL ART Stickers will not leave any residue on your surface after taking it off.

FancyBugs Decorative WALL ART Stickers are perfect for temporary applications but if you take care of it (i.e. keep the adhesive backing free of dust, fibers or dirt , avoid getting fingerprints on the adhesive, not reposition many times), generally, they will last for years.


How To Buy ?
Buy online, or buy from physical reseller shops.


Without further ado, let’s look at some of FancyBugs stickers. Let the photos do the talking !

FancyBugs Decorative WALL ART stickers range from Unique Artistry to Flora’s Secret for spicing up living room, office, or even retail stores.











Nursery Ideas wall arts designed for the purpose of decorating anything from nursery rooms to even school libraries and offices.









FancyBugs range even includes their very own exclusive functional WALL ART stickers (i.e. Growth Chart, Whiteboard, Chalkboard, etc.) and many others.






Seasons come and go, so too can your home decor. Bring the seasons and holidays indoor with easy to apply and remove wall stickers.



Ready to add ooomph to your room ? Feel free to contact FancyBugs.

Phone: +60 (19) 3000 882

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.fancybugs.com/


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