How come Glenmarie Cove is in Klang?


Last weekend, we were invited to a friend’s party. And our friend is staying in Glenmarie Cove. First thing first. Why Glenmarie Cove is in Klang, and not Shah Alam?

As someone who is staying in Shah Alam for some time, when I hear the word Glenmarie, automatically I’ll think of the Glenmarie in Shah Alam. Hmm… I still can’t figure out why the developer named it Glenmarie Cove! Why, why, tell me why.

Okay, if you are new to this place. Glenmarie Cove is a low-density development features 2 km of river view frontage with bungalows and semi-detached homes, located in the suburb of Klang. This gated residential is developed by Glenmarie Cove Developement, a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom.

Location: If you are on your way to Telok Gong for the famous seafood restaurants, I bet you won’t miss out this place. Glenmarie Cove is easily accessible by Lebuhraya Pulau Indah and Jalan Telok Gong.

Pricing: As the location is rather far from several main points, the homes are quite affordable. My friend bought his semi-d some time ago at RM700k+. Pretty good price right.

Environment: The environment here is good. Well, it is surrounded by landscaped parklands, lagoons, lakes, jogging tracks, boating facilities and 24-hour security surveillance.

I spotted a special feature – there is no fencing everywhere! Similar concept to landed houses in Putrajaya.

My friend does not install security grilles at doors and windows. Just depend of alarms and guards. WOW! I noticed some houses do have grilles, perhaps the owners are paranoid. What to do? We are born and live in an environment where we must have grilles to have sense of security. Psst … I’m not sure if I can live without it too  :p



Sign board along the main road to Telok Gong. Won’t miss it!



I’ve never seen a guard house renovated to look like a ship?



Semi-dees are separated with plants – no fencing side by side!



There is a low wall separating front and back of a house.



The only fencing available.



Glenmarie Cove promotes riverfront resort living. Thus, a walk by the landscaped riverbank is easily accessible – perhaps at the convenience from the back of your home  :)


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