Happy Birthday to ME


Happy Birthday to ME.
Happy Birthday to ME.
Happy Birthday to MEeee.
Happy Birthday to ME.


Time flies. It’s been exactly a year since I started this blog. Throughout this whole year, I have received many replies from readers, asking me details of project launches – pricing, which units are available, how to buy, where to buy etc.

Here, I wish to repeat this – Thank you for your time in visiting my blog. I’m so pleased. Really appreciate it. However I am only a blogger who have much interest in properties and interiors. Thus I document out what I know, hear or see into this blog which I hope will benefit someone. I am not attached to any property developer or real estate agent. In short, I do not sell any property.


But wait, while writing this post, something strikes me! Hey why not, I just join as agent. There are plenty of companies looking for agents. Not bad huh.

Hehe. Just joking! What a lame joke.

Have a great day.

Happy buying! Buy more, buy more please. Help to stimulate our economy.

Ops, and don’t forget to visit my blog often. Yay!


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to ME

  1. Happy birthday! Have a great day and, don’t forget, to continue blogging!

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