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As we are constantly trying to improve our content, starting today we decided to add an extra category to our site. We will be taking interviews, asking a series of questions regarding the interior design industry and the results will be posted for all our readers to see and comment. Our “targets” are designers and architects everywhere who feel they have something to say. If you are one of them, feel free to contact us.

Without further ado, here goes our first interview – a team of two sisters, Pauline and Priscilla Ng from Paul + Pris.  We also uploaded some of the company’s recent designs, for a more pleasant reading. Enjoy!


What inspires you?
Inspirations can come from many areas. The places we go, foods we eat, objects we touch and things we do daily and the people we talk to. But the best ones are usually from the surroundings. We love the idea of making something new from reusing old materials. There is infinite ways of recreating which makes every piece that p+p creates unique and special.


What is your personal style?
Interior designs should not be define by the style but the quality of space and the details that is added to the space to create character and feel. We would like to define the outcome of our work to reflect individuality and creativity. This is what we want our designs to convey. We believe in the infinite possibilities of design, which expand from space to objects and emotional experiences.


Which is your favorite recent project that you consider an emblem of your work?
We love what we do, every project that we worked on is considered an emblem of our work and each time we design, we develop and evolve to understand better client’s need and to mature in term of our ideas. Antalis paper fantasy is one of the project that we enjoyed most, because of its brief and content that is given by the client and the idea to create space in the thought of using paper as the medium. Each project is special because of different briefs and the results that it reveals which we customise and personalise to our clients.


How do you re-create and recycle old materials to functional furniture?
To design something new out of old items can be fun, to do it we have to understands the potential of the existing material or the outlook of the existing structure and the rest will be entirely based on how far an idea can be stretch, design is very subjective and there is infinite ways to explore it.


Let’s take a look of Paul + Pris’s product design…


paulpris_mesh cutlerybin cabinet paulpris_mesh shelves

This is a cutlery cum bin cabinet that we design inspired by the material mesh wyre, we intended to create the difference between solid and semi transparent object.

On the right is random mesh shelvings that we proposed in accordance to the idea that we explored.


paulpris_beer crates seating





Seating that p+p design to suits the interior of a retail that blends in with the raw industrial look.






paulpris_log me side table


We found this beautiful log on construction site and the rustic look on it inspires us to revarnish it and maintaining its original shape but functionally altered as a side table.





This is an exhibition titled Retrospective in conjunction with Kyoorius Designyatra organised by Figtree. A collaboration project with kraftgrafik .

The brief was simple to create something out of nothing, thus we seek help from a furniture restorer and also people who loves vintage furniture to loan us these beautiful furnitures which is also put up on sale on the same day, and the entire exhibition was lit by artificial lamp fixture that we borrowed from the owner. We explored these items by stacking and rearranging it. The table above is entirely stand up and support by multiple chairs that acts as legs with no nails!






Our approached on good design is to have balance on space and details, this is a director’s room for GMLB company that we created and our intention is to emphasize and to give character to the floor, the rest is kept simple.






paulpris_antalisexhibition-1 paulpris_pyramidpaper-1

We were invited by Figtree to collaborate in another exhibition titled Antalis Paper Fantasy for an international paper supplier ; Antalis.

The results was a 6,000 sq ft layout space that we separated in few areas to accommodate client’s requirement and the idea was mainly inspired by paper ; we like the idea of how a flat piece of paper can be fold, cut and crush to create dimensional objects and thus this method were applied around in the exhibition. The paper that is used are sponsored by Antalis in conjunction with their launching of a range of recyclable paper.






This is a hair saloon we designed for Tenze Hair Studio. A concept based on the corporate color of the hair studio consists of black and white thus negative and positive space. Item like light fixture can be fix in different manner to add to the personalised space.





If you want to get in touch with Paul + Pris, you are always welcome to visit their website at


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