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This week we manage to conduct an interview with Lola Lim, the lead interior designer from Meridian Interior Design Sdn Bhd.

I came across the design company two year ago through her blog. Besides the usual displaying of beautiful photos of completed projects, her blog writing has caught my attention. I read all her blog posts within that night itself.

I find the blog unique in it’s own way as she is willing to share/publish the cost of renovation which many interior designers won’t. Perhaps I am a very cost savvy person (well, I am indeed). To a homeowner’s point of view, he is definitely eager to know how much he has to spend in order to have those dream designs in his home. Don’t you think so? :)

Read on our interview session below for latest tips. Enjoy!


What inspires you?
Everything in our environment is an inspiration. There is beauty all around, even in the simplest things. I observe the trend movements in Europe and Japan and when these new inventions reach Malaysian shores, my staff and I are just extremely excited to introduce them to the public.


What is your personal style?
I like to work on designs that are modern and yet with a classic feel. Majority of our clients like this concept as this style doesn’t go out of trend that fast. To be a good designer we must not be limited to just one style! I can basically work on any style specified, but that was not the case many years ago when I was starting out. Those days, I just proposed my favourite styles but later I learnt that a good designer should be able to handle anything thrown at them.


Which is your favorite recent project that you consider an emblem of your work?
Nowadays I do not actually do all the work by myself. I’m in a management position now and my job includes guiding and coaching a team of designers. The pictures below are samples of work done by my able team of designers. These few are my favourite projects and it shows the capability of my team.







Biggest mistake people make when decorating?
The biggest mistake people (those who can afford) make is to try to save money and do their own renovations and decorations without help and advice from a designer. Most houses end up with badly coordinated colours and the worst tragedy is if they had spent up to RM80,000 for such work. That’s being penny wise and pound foolish.


Top tip for small spaces?
Don’t keep anything that you haven’t used in 2 years. Believe me, you won’t miss them one bit even if you had gotten rid of them.


Favorite color combination lately?
Whites and greys.


Favorite shop for cool cheap furnishings?
Ikea, cheap but some items are not very lasting.


What advice do you have for someone with a new house to decorate and renovate with perhaps a limited budget?
With a limited budget and no designer around, just go to Ikea, choose any of the existing colour combinations in their showroom. Guaranteed won’t go wrong.


Property is always one of the preferred investment tools, how can we use interior design to increase property value?
I have investment condo units that I decorated for rental. My friends who invest together also follow suit. Our units collect rental more than double that of other surrounding units.
This week, one of our customer who invested in a One Menerung Bangsar condo for rental and got us to design. After our work is finished, instead of getting a rental tenant, someone offered to buy the unit at a handsome price.


Which of today’s interior design trends are here to stay and which ones will we see fade away?
Today’s style has a lot of gloss and shine. I can foresee the glossiness trend fading away very fast like all trends. For a lasting style, I would advice balancing a mixture of gloss and matt surfaces, plus incorporating textures whenever possible. Grey is the in colour now. To create a more lasting look, add other classic colours like wood and white into the scheme.


We thank Lola for her time despite her tight schedule. You are welcome to visit her blog at


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