Kewlox Cabinets gives FREE RM15,000 worth furniture





Kewlox Extreme Shop Make-Over Promo

As simple as 123…

  • All you need to do is to download, read, fill out and submit the Extreme Make-Over application form.
  • Fill out your details, sign and email to [email protected] or fax to 03-2201 2544.
  • This promo is valid till February 15th 2016, after which Kewlox Cabinets will announce the lucky winning shop.

Pre-requisite requirement: Of course, you must have a shop in the first place to join in the contest. Well, too bad, I don’t have any. Sigh. To be honest, if I have a shop, I won’t share this info with you guys. Less one person knows about it means less one person “fighting” the furniture with me (Hahaha! Just kidding…).

Alright. Click here to download the details and application form. Good Luck!


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