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Whether you are planning for a storage furniture or an office furniture, Kewlox Cabinets may be just the right furniture for you!


What are Kewlox Cabinets ?
Kewlox Cabinets, launched in Belgium in 1959, is among the first few Do-It-Yourself kit furniture. The pieces making up the cabinets fit together without nails or screws, and can be assembled without any tools. In a way, assembling a Kewlox Cabinet is a sort of magic carpentry, something no other furniture company can offer.


Kewlox Cabinets decided to make Malaysia its home-base and springboard for further expansion in ASEAN region.


What is Kewlox Cabinets made of ?
The panels of Kewlox Cabinets come in many different materials. You simply choose from: plain natural MDF, MDF with colored coating, frosted colored acryl, glass, mirror glass and/or brushed aluminium.

Kewlox Cabinets are designed around a central structure of solid steel and beech-wood, on which sliding doors, side and back panels and shelves are fitted. This structure is so strong and durable, that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

High load capacity – Every shelf, in whichever type of cabinet, regardless of shelf material, width or depth, has a guaranteed load capacity of 80 kg. You never need to worry about sagging shelves anymore!


What makes Kewlox Cabinets so SPECIAL ?

  • Design Freedom: You can design your own furniture and storage according to your exact requirements
  • Superior Quality: All parts are produced in Europe with only European materials
  • Durability: We believe in our product and give you a Lifetime Guarantee on the cabinet structure
  • Flexibility: Kewlox Cabinets are easy to combine with various interior styles and configurable for any room size
  • Easy ordering: The on-line Kewlox Cabinets configurator tool makes ordering a breeze
  • If you relocate, they can easily be taken apart and re-assembled without any damage
  • If you redecorate, you only need to change a couple of panels and your furniture will match the new decor
  • Each item is easily replaceable. What if you no longer like the colour of a door? There’s no need to replace the whole piece of furniture. You only change what you want to change
  • If you no longer need your wardrobe and want a cabinet instead, remove some parts, add some others and that’s it.






Besides cabinets, Kewlox offers Kewlights – a custom made Kewlox cabinet of 32 x 32cm x 49cm high made with frosted acrylic panels all around. There’s an extra glass panel on top so you can also use it as a luminous side table. Perfect! As Kewlights is also fitted with an energy saving light bulb.



In conjunction with opening of new showroom, Kewlox Cabinets is offering opening promotion till 31 January 2015.
** 12.5% discount on any order, up to 20% discount on selected showroom items **
You can read here for details of promotion offers.


Kewlox Cabinets Asia
Showroom: Unit A4-1-01, Level G3, [email protected] Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel:  +603 62114961
Email: [email protected]


You may order a FREE brochure delivered to your door step. To order a  (just like what I did!), simply click here.




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