New Arrivals in IKEA Store


Have you seen new arrivals in IKEA store Malaysia? I’ve picked few of my favorites :)




Looks like a candy or banana? It’s a collection that’s both a little cuddly and a little trendy. Good support when reading or playing computer games. Available in pink and grey.



VÄNNERNA DRAGKEDJA Quilt cover and pillowcase RM99

ikea_quiltcover_pillowcaseI’m soft cotton and nice, so please don’t UNZIPPPP me! Oouchh…




ikea_rugCool! With a decorative rug in forest motif, your child is free to use their imagination and follow the path of the animals. Made with latex backing that keeps the rug firmly in place when the child runs/plays on it.



LACK Side table, love multicolour RM49.90
ikea_lack_sidetableThis is really a new look to the conventional single color tables which can bored you. Everywhere is the same IKEA interior, no splash of colors or funkiness.

Tips: Want to be different? You can actually customize your naked IKEA furniture with Mykea Design Covers. If you’ve miss my previous post, check out how you can do customization here.



VANDRING Knob rack with 2 knobs RM18.90

ikea_knobrackCute and functional, can be part of interior decorations. Place anywhere you want it, on a wall or a door, within easy reach for the child.



KVISSLE Wall newspaper rack RM59

ikea_wallnewspaperrackikea_wall_newspaperrackikea_wallnewspaper_rackMade with steel in anti-corrosive phosphate coating and epoxy/polyester powder coating. This magazine rack is intended to be used alone in different ways depending on your requirement.



JUBEL Self-watering plant pot RM25

ikea_selfwateringplantpotThe pot will help your plant to thrive, even if you can’t water regularly. The self-watering insert keeps the soil moist. Add water through the hole in the side of the outer pot.



PORTIS Laundry bin RM69 


Nobody likes a smelly laundry bag. The great thing about this laundry bag is it does not absorb moisture or odours from the laundry, so your room can stay clean and fresh.



SOLVINDEN Solar/wind-powered ground stick RM229




This is the thing I like most here. Cool, environmental friendly.

The solar/wind powered ground stick lamp is easy to use with no cables or plugs are needed – which means no costs for electricity as the solar panel converts sunlight to energy. The design of the lamp itself is great, comes with vertical blades to create interesting light effects when it rotates in the wind.

How to install: Simply position the solar panel for maximum exposure to sunlight. Recharging time is 9-12 hours in sunlight, but over 12 hours on a cloudy day. 1 rechargeable battery (AA 1.2V) that stores energy from the sun is included. When the battery is fully charged, the product will give full light for approx. 12 hours – enough for night time!

Alternatively, you can get a pendant lamp from SOLVINDEN Solar wind-powered lamp series at RM129.


There’s more from IKEA new arrival catalog. Visit the store or check it all out here


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