New Weirdo Bars in Shanghai


When I first saw the news that former bomb shelter in Shanghai was converted into an underground bar, I was shocked! I mean, of so many night clubs to hang out, why go underground to a bomb shelter!




It is suppose to be a totally concealed area. My concerns are since it is underground and to enter the bar, you have to walk through narrow passage which leads to narrow room, will it be dangerous? How about safety exit? Do they have a chimney to channel smoke out of the room? Is the place smelly or damp?


The facts: The Shelter nightclub is a former bomb shelter turned underground bar in Xuhui district, Shanghai. The bomb shelter was originally built in the 1930s to use as protection from Japanese attacks. Now The Shelter is a popular bar and nightclub.


I must praise the Chinese for the creativity by utilizing an empty, small space. Beer and music is the best attractions after all. This is what we call “Think Out of the Box”  :D

For more photos on this fun weirdo night club, visit Reuters.


[ Source and photo from Reuters ]


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