IKEA 2nd Store in Kuala Lumpur


      This is last year’s news which I happened to know it now. Oh dear, I’m a so outdated. How can I still say I am a loyal fan of IKEA?  >.< IKEA has confirmed the opening of its second store in Kuala Lumpur by 2016 and third store at Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s second largest city, within the next few years. It was further speculated that a fourth… more

New Weirdo Bars in Shanghai


  When I first saw the news that former bomb shelter in Shanghai was converted into an underground bar, I was shocked! I mean, of so many night clubs to hang out, why go underground to a bomb shelter!     It is suppose to be a totally concealed area. My concerns are since it is underground and to enter the bar, you have to walk through narrow passage which… more

What We Eat In Seoul


  When my husband said, “Let’s go to Korea”. I have this fear of what to eat in Korea. Although I was born and live in Malaysia throughout my whole life, I am suppose to be like an average Malaysian who can’t live without chili. Ehem, to put in better words, I’m unique because I don’t take spicy food. And when I told people that we are going to Seoul… more

The Beautiful & Artsy Nami Island @Seoul


  When you travel to Nami Island, you don’t just see the rows of pine trees made popular by Korean drama series Winter Sonata.     There are a lot more to appreciate in this small beautiful island. In fact in these 7 days in Seoul, I can feel the artistic and creativity of Koreans in expressing themselves publicly. Romance is in the air. Try coming on a weekday to… more

Lure of Penang Sees Spike in Property Prices


  This news caught my attention. Last two days, The Star reported on the spike in property prices in Penang island – to be exact, prices increased by more than 25% in the past 5 years! If you can sacrifice a little and live in small spaces in Penang island, that’s great. On the other hand, if you can’t afford a house in Penang island, consider moving to Seberang Prai.… more

My Ikea Custom Made Curtain


  As mentioned in my earlier post, IKEA had a storewide sale from March 8th – 25th. I was delighted to know that there was 15% OFF Sewing Services for all types of sewing when you buy fabric from IKEA. I have never had my curtains made from IKEA. My existing curtains are custom made by MACY. Since one of my rooms needs urgent curtain replacement, I head off to… more

How Bukit OUG Looks Like After One Year


  Almost a year ago, the last available land in Bukit OUG was cleared. Developers came in and started selling. Sales was good and construction works commenced. Check here if you miss how previous Bukit OUG looks like. A year now, as I passed by, super structure is in progress. Looks impressive. Just very eager to see how the following gonna changed the landscape here. Kiara Residences (Phase 1 &… more

Review: Chungmuro Residence, Seoul


  In our 6 nights in Seoul, we stay 3 nights in traditional Korean hanok guesthouse and another 3nights in modern apartment in Chungmuro Residence. We booked a Family Room for 4. Our room number is 404. While booking through Agoda, I’ve requested for a room at Level 3 or 4. There is WIFI access for rooms on these two levels as it could still detect the WIFI of the… more

Review: Hanok Stay at Manaedang Guesthouse, Seoul


  First of all, what is Hanok? Hanok is a term to describe Korean traditional houses. The houses are often equipped with the ondol heated rock system for heating during cold winters and a wide front porch for keeping the house cool during hot summers.   “ Hanok Stay refers to staying in a traditional Korean house built since decades to hundreds of years old ago. It is a good… more

10 Essential iPhone Apps for Home Improvement


  Every few years, houses need updating, to replace designs and interiors that go out of style. But embarking on a home improvement project could mean taking care of every detail from what color to paint, how many cartoons of tiles to buy to which timber floor to use. Regardless of how big or small the project, choices need to be made in every step towards our Dream Home!  … more

New Arrivals in IKEA Store


  Have you seen new arrivals in IKEA store Malaysia? I’ve picked few of my favorites   VÄNNERNA LÅNG Cushion RM55 Looks like a candy or banana? It’s a collection that’s both a little cuddly and a little trendy. Good support when reading or playing computer games. Available in pink and grey.     VÄNNERNA DRAGKEDJA Quilt cover and pillowcase RM99 I’m soft cotton and nice, so please don’t UNZIPPPP… more

Buy Groupon Deal for Pan’gaea, Cyberjaya


. Today’s Groupon deal reads: [94% Off] OSK Property Holdings Berhad: RM500 for RM8,000 Cash Voucher for SOFO Suites at Paragon, Pan’gaea @ Cyberjaya. Valid for Down Payment and includes SPA and Loan Legal Fees and DIBS. . It’s my first time seeing this kind of advertisement. I was quite shocked when I saw this Groupon deal. I mean, developers sell condominiums through Groupon deal? Even if there are very… more