Pest Control Part 3 – Ants & Bugs

Today is Part 3 of our pest control mini-series.  In Part 1, we covered pest management in general.  In Part 2, we gave you insights on termites.  Today, we’re talking about other common pest at homes.


“On Ants & Cockroaches”

Ants and cockroaches are the most common pest found in a home. It is so common that most homeowners do nothing about it. What do you recommend to get rid of this pest?

Ants and cockroaches or any other pest found food and warm conducive antsshelter at your home. That is why they are there. Eradicate these, they may not come. A good housekeeping is necessary. We recommend get baiting for indoor usage. Not only we are promoting green environment, it is safe for children, adult and pets. Chemical application is only done outdoor, at a correct and recommended dosage.


“On Bed Bugs”

What are bed bugs and how to check for bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasite insects that feed on human or animal blood. bed_bugNormal household bed bug prefers human blood. There are pesky and could bring a lot of health problem such as rashes, allergies and hygiene issue. Initial indications are bite marks on body. They usually can be found on wooden joint on bed and folds on the mattress.


Most importantly, in the first place, how do we get bed bugs at our homes?

There are a lot of ways, but usually their eggs can survive harsh condition. They are small and good at hiding at tiny crevices. Normally they spread by recondition mattress, old and new mattress sharing the same truck, hospital bed, furniture such as bed frame, pillows that are pack together when people moving from house to house or and the most common source is hotel bed.


Tell us on ways to get rid of bed bugs.

Traditional ways includes pouring hot water on the affected wooden bed frame within the bed, place pillow & mattress under the hot sun. Eggs need to fully eliminate or they will hatch again. Contemporary way is to mist in the bedroom with water base chemical odorless chemical. Treatments have to be repeated to ensure the youngs from eggs are fully eradicated.


And there you have it! This concludes our pest control series.

We thank the experts at Hygiene Partners for their willingness to help us in providing good information to the public, and for answering all of our many questions.  We really appreciate it! They can be reach at:

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