Pest Control Part 2 – Termites


Today is Part 2 of our pest control mini-series.  In Part 1, we covered pest management in general.  Today, we’ll gave you insights on termites.

“On Termites”

One of the common pest threats is termites. If you could tell us one thing about termites, what would it be?

‘A home is either one – having termite or going to have termite’!


How do we know if our home has been infested by termites?

The best method to know if you have termite inside your home is ‘Do it yourself’ before calling a pest control professional company is to ‘prod’ any wooden panel or structure with a screwdriver.  If it ‘pierce’ through, chances is that there are termite infestations. Call a pest control company to determine the extent of the infestation, but beware, sometimes, it could just be water rot.


What are the available methods to treat termites? And in which situation, are they best for?

There are basically chemical application, baiting and dusting method to treat termites. Chemical application which includes drilling inside your home is outdated. Many customers currently opt for baiting or dusting. At Hygiene Partners, we employ integrated method for the price of one.


What is the termite treatment procedure?

A thorough inspection is necessary to determine the level of infestation. Only then an appropriate treatment procedure is recommended. Generally we recommend non chemical application such as baiting. Chemical application kill termite when on contact, while baiting system eliminate whole termite colony.


Talking about termite protection, is termite treatment expensive to control?

NOT at all! It is not costly compare to the cost of repair damages done by termites. ‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’. Most customer tend to thinks this way due to the initial investment sum, but a smart consumer know over the period of times, the cost is lower and there are just buying a confidence that their property is well protected.


We believe that homeowners could save themselves a lot of money in long run by contracting with a pest management company as soon as a termite infestation is found.  Do you agree?

General public normally will try to buy ‘over the shelves’ pesticide to kill termite at the first encounter termites at home. This usually does not work as the termite queen lays about average 5,000 eggs a day. Incorrect usage of over the counter pesticide not only endanger user, but it only kills a few termite and sets off a termite feeding frenzy.

They will only call pest management company when the termite infestation is beyond control. By then there could be much worst damages to the wooden panel especially door frame and kitchen cabinets.

As a pest management professional, we would like to inculcate the ‘maintenance culture’. We should have the mindset where pest control maintenance is in place even before detecting pest especially termites.


1. Found termites in house

Don’t disturb or use bugs aerosol to spray the termites

termite1 termite_protection


2. Install bait termite_bait

Install bait at termite mud roadway. The bait will be carried back to colony as food by worker termites. This method will potentially eliminate whole colony including queens which consume poisoned bait.




3. Wait patiently

Let termites eat and share the poisoned bait with nest mates. You may see termites inside the box consume bait. If after some time, you don’t see any termites inside bait box, it means you have successfully eliminate termite colony. Hooray!

termite_bait2 termite_bait3


Hygiene Partners can be reach at [email protected], or visit the web

Stay tune for more pest control issues in Part 3.

Now, let’s discuss! Do you encounter any termite infestation at your home? Share with us how you treat them.


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