I Just Attend Property Millionaire Challenge Seminar


How to invest in property? The million dollar question when it comes to investing in property.

I just came back from 2 days property seminar conducted by FREEMEN with speaker Michael Tan. The seminar costs me RM34 instead of original RM394, under a deal from dealmates.com.

The crowd was good, easily more than a hundred participants. When it comes to talking about financial freedom and making money, sure attracts lots of people.




Property Millionaire Challenge: Make Millions Using Different Property Strategies.

Who is Michael Tan?

A self-made property millionaire, he has personally been involved in property investment since 2008, and his personal wealth accumulation is more than RM 1.75 million. He has empowered over 327 people to buy properties worth more than RM 17.7 million who are enjoying positive cash flow every month.

His specialist is buying property with “NO MONEY DOWN”. This method claims to have 92% success rate of participants buying properties with NO MONEY DOWN, within 3 months.


The 2 days workshop run some basic knowledge about property investing and sharing on investment secret. This is not the real No Money Down Workshop, so Michael did not explain how to play the real game.

Of course in the end of the seminar, it’s marketing time! There are additional courses being pushed for sale. The popular one is: Get started in property investment with no money down. Keen and potential property investors can find out how easy it is to get started in property investment with little capital or even no money down. Plus find out how you can keep on buying property at a tremendously FAST pace. There is a system on how to do it.


A lot of people came with the intention not to sign up further expensive courses. They are here with the hope for some sharing, tips and networking. Whatever the reasons why they are here, they are already taking a little step towards their goal.

I have 2 friends (husband and wife) who are Michael’s students, they are doing very well after few years of full commitment in education and investing.


Do you often update yourself by taking courses or reading books for latest news?

In my next article, I will share what I’ve learned from this 2 days property workshop. Stay tune!


If you wish to know more, visit  http://www.freemen.com.my/


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