Do You Worry Site Condition of Arte Kuchai Lama?


Few months ago, I’ve wrote an article on Arte @Kuchai Lama – Challenges Ahead. This article has spurred a lot of feedbacks from readers here regarding the location of the site. I appreciate the comments given from readers staying in Kuchai Lama who are very aware of the site condition and eager to share the information with everyone else, especially potential buyers of Arte.


A recap of Arte @Kuchai Lama

  • Developer : Nusmetro Group
  • 2 blocks of luxury condominium with 23 and 25 storeys each
  • Target launching : June/July 2014 (a check during last month’s property exhibition, the sales team said launching to be postponed to this year end)
  • No official price indication
  • Open for registration
  • Location : Directly opposite existing Dynasty Garden Condominium


As discussed earlier in comments section, there is a septic tank nearby and a small stream/river which flows in the middle of the site. The septic tank is visible through google map. Although the site has been cleared now, the small stream cannot be seen as google has not update it’s map yet.

Yesterday one of my readers emailed to me a few photos taken from the actual site. The photos below clearly shows location of site, septic tank and a small river. Those apartments are Kuchai Brem Park apartments.





Another reader has also map out the actual site location of Arte. You may check out the bigger image from wikimapia here.



I thank all my readers who drop by and feedback to share for information purposes  :)


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