Site Visit: UOA Condo Sri Petaling (maps)


As mentioned in my previous post, UOA Group will develop a high-rise condominium in Sri Petaling. Out of curiosity and since I’m nearby, I tour around the area. Done some mapping and photos taken, hope this information will help potential buyers to evaluate their decision.

So, in this post, you’ll find 3 separate maps of new development sites, existing properties and existing infrastructure.


Map 1 : New Development Sites

  1. G Residence (by Kelang Lama Land Sdn Bhd)
  2. 288 Residency (by Akisama Group)
  3. Seri Gembira Avenue Commercial
  4. Seringin Residences (by See Hoy Chan Group)
  5. UOA Sri Petaling (name not reveal yet)
  6. SJKC La Salle




Map 2 : Existing Buildings




Map 3 : Existing Infrastructure

One thing caught my attention. Seringin Residences is consider as Happy Garden. UOA’s land is consider as Sri Petaling. When both are just next door! Luckily not classified under Kuchai Lama. Your address holds an important value.

Looking at the traffic flow and existing roads/highway, this spot of land is better than the new condos in Bukit Jalil ie. Kiara Residences and The Z. Why? Although the new condos will contribute to additional thousands of home owners, there are more roads linking in and out within short distance.  However the con side is there’s no LRT. Nearest is Bukit Jalil station.




Oh, and don’t forget to visit our next post … featuring photos taken at the site and surrounding. Stay tune!

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