Checking out The Park Residences @Bangsar South


A friend of mine has a unit in The Park Residence at Bangsar South. Quickly I made a visit to check out  :)


Do I want to stay here? At the moment, I don’t find the condominium tempting (personal opinion).

  • Bangsar South is actually in Pantai Dalam. What’s next door? There are plenty of medium cost apartments which makes it less attractive to me.
  • Bangsar South is a huge development project with The Village (property gallery and F&B outlets), The Horizon (offices) and The Sphere (shopping and entertainment). Ok, let’s start with The Village. The Park Residence is just beside The Village. So near that we can walk there to dine. But the limited F&B outlets turned us down. Basically there are only 3 outlets: Oldtown White Coffee, Secret Recipe and Sid’s Pub. So for more selection, do drive to The Sphere. The Sphere is more suitable for quick, emergency buys – not so complete. The best is drive a little further to Mid Valley Mega Mall or Bangsar.
  • Security wise? 3-tier security which is good. However during our first visit, the card access at lift lobby was not working well. Luckily the loophole problem had been rectified in our subsequent visit. Sometimes technology can break down too.
  • I’m not sure if there is any public or private schools nearby. Got to check.
  • The occupancy rate is still low at the moment.


In the eyes of an investor?

  • I guess the demand for rental is there. My friend bought her 1,485 sqft unit last year at RM800k (secondary market). She is able to rent it out to a Korean expat at RM4k per month. Enough to cover her instalment and maintenance fee.
  • However due to it’s location (less strategic), some prospective tenants prefer KL city centre or Mont Kiara. Well it goes down to where are their work offices and how convenient for them to travel to work. That’s the feedback received from potential tenants who visited.
  • More medium to high end office suites are under construction. Bangsar South maybe a good choice for investment with a big catchment of working professionals.








The facilities …

There is an infinity pool. Great! But the pool is at ground level, so there isn’t much “view” from there. Furthermore there are ongoing construction sites beside. I feel it’s a little wasted. It would be better if the pool is at higher floors. The Park Residence has 2 blocks (Acacia and Begonia) and both blocks share the same facilities. So I guess they have to plan the facilities in such way.

On the kids part, there is a kids pool and playground.













How’s inside the condo?

I like the airy, spacious corridor and huge doors. Thanks to the high ceiling, the condo is actually very airy and windy too.

There’s enough room in the balcony. But I’m a little concern over the glass panels. You know, my friend’s unit is at 22nd floor, to be honest, I feel insecure with just a steel bar and glass panels. Can you accept this kind of modern design? I’m plain practical when it comes to safety, especially when I have a young child.






So, what do you think? Is Bangsar South worth investing? Share your thoughts yah.



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