Tips on Buying Condo And Office Units


A short notes on tips to choosing your best units.


Tips on Choosing Condominium Units


8P klccview

Pool view and KLCC view is the best! Sells easier at higher value. Why swimming pool view? Simply because there are more things to see. Hehe.. Another reason is if your unit is facing outside and it’s an empty land, well we are not sure what’s going to be developed on this land. Maybe few years later, an apartment or LRT track is right in front. Who knows?

On which floor to buy: Choose the middle floors. Divide the total number of floors into two and select middle ones. For example, Block A has 20 storeys. If you are a good fighter in developer sales office, quickly grab level 8 to 10.

However, there is one exemption. Unless the lower levels (usually ground and first floor) have private gardens, then the value is good. These developers are very creative in marketing, making sure all levels got demand.


Tips on Choosing Office Units


officeview officefacehighway

As oppose to residential preference, office units that are facing highway (with highway view) have better demand. No specific reasons for it. Maybe business is all about movement, thus bosses can spark up more ideas by looking out their windows with cars moving around — rather than seeing stagnant structures.

Or perhaps everyone can look out to check current traffic situation. Haha! This seems to more make sense. I used to work at 9th floor and at 5pm, I definitely look out to investigate the traffic and decide which route to use to escape traffic madness in KLCC!

For employee, if you are in desperate need to get out of office to catch a breath, but feel stuck, LOOK OUT at the windows! It helps.

Try not to buy condominium units facing highway yah. So noisy, how to sleep?


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