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Recently I bumped into a home décor blog from Singapore. I like the idea, passion and persistence in the owners to go all around the world to collect, create and curate meaningful objects. Although I have not been to S U P E R M A M A store, but from the pictures, I believe shopping in this home décor store is just like walking through the collections of artwork in a museum or a studio. How nice!

S U P E R M A M A  has a simple concept :- “we hope everyone grows older and younger at the same time”.

I’ve pick some of my favorites M A D E  I N  J A P A N.  Enjoy!




Product Brand: Takahashi Kougei

Product Designer: Hidetoshi Takahashi (from Hokkaido)

Interesting Fact: Each piece are handcrafted individually by Hidetoshi Takahashi




Product Brand: Kikoro, (木コロ) or plainly translated as wooden pebbles

Product Designer: Mr Shigeo Nishii (from Osaka)

Interesting Fact: The making process includes a week of non-stop sanding in a patented machine invented by Mr Nishii that transformed solid wood (off cuts) into beautiful organic form. Due to the production process, no one Kikoro is the same. Each Kikoro is about a third of the original size of its off-cuts, with the remaining two third being reused as fuel for the machine, ensuring that not a single bit of wood is wasted. Truly environmental –friendly!





Product BrandSIWA is a collection of bags and carriers made of a new hybrid material, Naoron. Naoron is created from wood pulp and polyolefin using washi-suki paper manufacturing method.

Interesting Fact: The SIWA series of goods has been tested to carry up to 10kg of load, highly tear and water resistant, yet retaining the quality of paper.






Product BrandTajiki Haruo Ironworks , located in Kobe, has been producing high quality, handcrafted scissors and shears for over four generations .

Interesting Fact: These scissors are produced entirely by HAND.





Product Brand:  The Midori Brass Series is a collection of stationery made from unfinished solid brass.

Interesting Fact:  The beauty of the brass collection lies in the way the metal “ages” over time. The golden metal surface oxidises in an unpredictable fashion that will ultimately create a piece of stationery that is personal to the user.


If you want to visit the lifestyle store, visit Meiling at her S U P E R M A M A retail gallery.
Retail : 30A Seah Street, Singapore 188368
Email : [email protected]
Homepage : http://supermama.sg/


[ Photos courtesy of S U P E R M A M A ]

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