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When my husband said, “Let’s go to Korea”. I have this fear of what to eat in Korea. Although I was born and live in Malaysia throughout my whole life, I am suppose to be like an average Malaysian who can’t live without chili. Ehem, to put in better words, I’m unique because I don’t take spicy food.

And when I told people that we are going to Seoul with my daughter, everyone said, “Huh? What to eat in Seoul?“. Most people have this misconception that Seoul is all about spicy Korean food. ME TOO!

But hey, Seoul is an international city, bigger than Kuala Lumpur. If KL has so much varieties of food to choose from, so does Seoul. Yup, do not worry if you are going to Seoul with kids or if you don’t fancy Korean food.  There are a lot more to offer your taste buds than you can imagine :)

Thus I decided to share here on what and where we eat in Seoul. We have a balance combination. To suit everyone, we only had 3 typical Korean meals (that’s too bad though).


Paris Baguette is in every corner of the road in Seoul. You won’t miss it! It’s amazing to see how a bakery shop operates in so many outlets all over Seoul – as though Paris Baguette has monopoly the whole bakery industry. I don’t mind seeing so many Paris Baguette-s.

Their food is simply fantastic in terms of looks, packaging, taste and varieties. Two thumbs up! We had breakfast in Paris Baguette almost every morning, including the last day where we had them in it’s airport outlet.

eat_seoul01  eat_seoul05




Tokoshon Restaurant  [ 토속촌 삼계탕 ]
Address: 85-1 Chebu-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Direction: From Gyeongbokgung Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), take Exit 2, walk 120m towards Hyoja-dong direction, until you see GS25 (a convenient store) on your left. Make a left turn and walk straight till you see Tosokchon.
Must try: Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup)




There are many eateries in Everland. We went to Venezia which serves Italian cuisine (my daughter loves pizza). Food turned out to be good.

eat_seoul08  eat_seoul09


Upon coming back from Everland, we dropped off at Seoul City Hall. Went to Menmusha Japanese Restaurant for dinner. The rice bowl is delicious. But ramen is so-so only.



We came across a number of doughnut shops in Seoul. We’ve never seen Mister Donut in Malaysia, so we gave it a try. They are handmade and super yummy, in fact much better than Krispy Kreme or Big Apple or J.Co. Not too sweet and the texture is good. You should try if you are in Seoul.

p/s: My daughter can’t wait to have a bite!



Miss Lee Cafe

Address: Gwanhun-dong Jongno-gu 144-2nd floor (along the main road of Insadong, located upstairs of a corner shop)
Website: www.missleecafe.com

The lunchbox comes with rice, a fried egg, sausages and fried kimchi sprinkled with roasted seaweed and sesame seeds. Do try the ice sorbet in big bowl with many ingredients. It is another version of ice kacang.

The food is good. The environment is cozy, colorful and young with many nice decor. Even the stairway is well decorated. Small paper notes are provided for guest to write and hang up on their “Wish Tree”.

Highly recommend! Please go early as after 12 noon, it’s rather difficult to find empty seats especially if you want window seats.









The Best Burger In Seoul located at N Seoul Tower, indeed serves best burgers. It looks like our Malaysian Ramli Burger, but it is much much more delicious. Even fries are good. A must try!




Waffle Tree is snack cafe located in some subway stations. The waffle is very crunchy and thin, not like the usual soft thick waffles, but a little too sweet for me. We tried cheese and blueberry waffles.




We had our dinner at Buono Pasto, an Italian restaurant opposite Hongik University’s Free Market.

It’s tricky when it comes to ordering spaghetti in Korea. We requested for non-spicy, strictly no chili spaghetti, but still, it came to be a little spicy. A simple spaghetti bolognese may be “localize” to suit local taste. Anyway all the food is delicious especially the thin crust pizza.






We continued our search for Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongik University.
Pros: A different experience in a themed cafe where everything is pink.
Cons: Price a little pricey and if you order latte with kitty crafted on top, please bear the one hour wait. I guess it’s not easy to shape out the kitty.
Tips: Send someone to do the waiting while you walk down the Hongik streets for shopping! (pity the men, sorry)





For coffee lovers, just in case of sudden urge – there’s Starbucks Coffee.



툇마루집 된장예술  is a typical traditional Korean restaurant in Insadong where locals eat. There were many choices in Insadong and we couldn’t make up our minds. So we check Foursquares and found this place by accident!

The restaurant was fully packed by locals, we were the ONLY tourists. The menu is in Korean, the waiters can’t speak any English. Luckily one of them is a Chinese and we managed to order. Haha! Another tip if you can’t order – peep what your neighbor is eating.

The way they serve bibimbap is different from the usual bibimbaps we had in Malaysia. We usually had bibimbaps with rice and other ingredients ALL IN ONE bowl. But here, all ingredients are served in small plates. You mix what dish you want in your own bowl of rice. Brilliant!

And the fact that most guests are Koreans, I bet the food must be good. That’s right, drop by the next time you are in Insadong.

p/s  Sometimes we just got to trust Foursquares tips. It works!








Hope the above sharing helps my fellow readers who are planning to Seoul. No sweat. Saranghaeyo  <3


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