Who’s BILLY Game?


IKEA Malaysia is running a contest again. The Who’s BILLY game! Join IKEA Facebook page and start guessing what’s the passion shown on the BILLY bookcase. You’ll stand a chance to win an IKEA Gift Card and/or bring home a BILLY bookcase of your own!


Of course I’m not left out too. While racing, I managed to snap some of the steps involved. Here it goes …


Go to IKEA Facebook page here. Click Start.




As usual before you play any games, please read the instructions.




Most importantly, check out the prizes! That’s your motivation.



The games starts now. GO when you are ready!



I do not want to proceed further and show the “questions”. No excitement if I do that right?  :p


Lastly, just make sure the window does not pop out this message. Otherwise too bad, try again!


IKEA fans, let the race begins!


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