My New Alpha Ceiling Fan


Recently I have purchased an Alpha ceiling fan during Archidex 2014 exhibition.


Model : Alpha Ceiling Fan 718/3B
Blade material : ABS, transparent  blade which is rust free
Blades : 3 or 5 

( I chose 3 blades, I’m not sure if 5 blades will increase performance or not )

Colour : White, chrome, black ( mine is white )
Fan width : 56”
Fan height : 16”
Price : RM297 

( exhibition price after 10% discount and free installation and a free toiletry bag )




I have been searching for a ceiling fan to my living room for some time. My problem is after installing plaster ceiling, my ceiling height drop to 8’ 4” only. Due to the low ceiling level, it’s kind of difficult to find a suitable ceiling fan. Although many salesmen told me that we can always cut short the rod to about 6”, but the available choices are limited. Most fancy ceiling fans cannot have their rods shorten. Another problem is most fans designed for low ceilings are screw directly to concrete slab, no need to use hook. And then my contractor has allocated a fan point with hook.

After searching hi and low, I dump into Alpha booth at Achidex 2014. The salesman suggested Alpha 718/3B with original 12” rod, but Alpha can cut the rod to 6” FOC. Hence I bought it straightaway.



I couldn’t spend RM1,200 for a Haiku Kotuku. This Alpha works just fine for me.

We like it for several reasons:

  1. Very windy – in fact much more windy compare to my other fans. I guess due to its’ aerodynamic blades.
  2. Wind is spread over a wider space, moving air in entire room – I don’t have to sit beneath the fan to feel cool
  3. Although the rod is shorten, but the fan is not shaky at all! (there is a small risk that fan will be shaky with shorter rod)
  4. It is a remote controlled fan with timer function. But the motor cap is completely sealed – means we don’t see the usual  sensor/timer button – clean look!








This is another fan in study room from Panasonic. Usually sensor/timer buttons are visible in ceiling fans. I don’t like them visible as I hardly use timer. And the blades are different from the Alpha.


Note: This is not a sponsored review. Solely my sharing after buying a satisfied product :)


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9 Responses to My New Alpha Ceiling Fan

  1. Ramcel @Meek Watcher

    Very informative and detailed. I just bought a sleek ceiling fan that doubles as a living room lighting. Quite sturdy and I believe the product was shipped from Malaysia. Very satisfied with it.

  2. Nice to know that you are such a satisfied end-user :)

  3. May I have the contact number and name of the dealer, i’ld like to get one too.

    • Hi Anne, I bought it at Alpha booth during Archidex exhibition.

      Actually I’m not sure where to buy them outside as Alpha is the manufacturer. Outside electrical shops which carry Alpha brand do not sell it’s full range of products.

      Alternatively, you call up by visit Alpha’s site : Next week there will be a furniture & furnishing fair in KLCC, I’m sure Alpha will have a booth there too :

  4. May I know how much is following model of ceiling fan.

    Alpha Air Leaf
    Sun Flower
    Colour Full baby fan

    I would like to install at my new hse.


    Wait for your reply.

    • Hi Gwen,

      Sorry yeah, I’m not from Alpha and I don’t sell Alpha fans :)
      This blog is meant for sharing with readers who have interest in property and home interiors.
      You can always check out Alpha’s homepage for contacts
      Thanks for visiting.

      Ann Khee

  5. Hi Ann Khee, I would like to buy this type of fan also, may i know after u install plaster ceiling, can u still install this kind of fan? how they install becoz as i know plaster ceiling did not have Hook and somemore it is not the concrete ceiling anymore right? i read the 718/3B manual from Alpha website, seems like muz have a hook. hope to hear from u coz i want to buy this asap. thanks and hope to hear from u again :)

  6. Hi Geoffrey, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes this fan must to be installed with a fan hook. Meaning fan load is supported by the hook. My ceiling was installed with plaster ceiling, but my contractor has allowed a fan hook with fan point already, so there’s no problem with this fan installation. If your ceiling has plaster ceiling without fan hook, perhaps you can forward this question to Alpha sales/installer to check if they can put up one for you.

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