Ikea Will Sell Consumer Electronics


  TV, SOUND AND FURNITURE. ALL IN ONE.   How exciting it is to hear that IKEA will soon sell furniture with built-in electronics such as TVs and sound systems. The first item in the “Uppleva” range will be a stand that combines a LED TV, a wireless sound system, an internet connection and CD, DVD and Blu-Ray player. Uppleva aims to bring beauty and functionality to the living room,… more

Last 70 Units of Kiara Residence 2


      Previously I have wrote about Kiara Residence Phase 2 at Bukit Jalil. If you have miss it, do check out here yah. Due to overwhelming response during the launch early this year, all smaller units with 1,073 sqft have been fully booked with few larger units available. Developer has obtained approval from government to release another 10% of units from bumi quota (original 30%) for sale to… more

Tips on Buying Condo And Office Units


  A short notes on tips to choosing your best units.   Tips on Choosing Condominium Units   Pool view and KLCC view is the best! Sells easier at higher value. Why swimming pool view? Simply because there are more things to see. Hehe.. Another reason is if your unit is facing outside and it’s an empty land, well we are not sure what’s going to be developed on this… more

What I Learn From Property Millionaire Challenge Seminar


  Earlier I mentioned about attending Property Millionaire Challenge Seminar by Michael Tan. If you’ve miss it, click here. Today I’m going to share some of the learning.   I like Michael Tan’s first statement: “ We should spend equal amount of time in making money and growing money. ” Usually an employee will put his thinking cap on ways to make more money, while businessman more often thinks how… more

I Just Attend Property Millionaire Challenge Seminar


  How to invest in property? The million dollar question when it comes to investing in property. I just came back from 2 days property seminar conducted by FREEMEN with speaker Michael Tan. The seminar costs me RM34 instead of original RM394, under a deal from dealmates.com. The crowd was good, easily more than a hundred participants. When it comes to talking about financial freedom and making money, sure attracts… more

Nippon Momento™ Wallpaper Paint


  Nippon Paint Malaysia has launched a new paint: Nippon Momento™ Wallpaper Paint. Highlights of this product include: Rustic yet stylish look Low in VOC & odour Contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metals Long-lasting wallpaper finish   There are 4 types of Nippon Momento™ Finishing. Elegant                                                                         Sparkle Silver             Sparkle Pearl                                                              Sparkle Gold   In short, follow 5 easy steps to wallpainting.… more

Happy Birthday to ME


Happy Birthday to ME. Happy Birthday to ME. Happy Birthday to MEeee. Happy Birthday to ME.   Time flies. It’s been exactly a year since I started this blog. Throughout this whole year, I have received many replies from readers, asking me details of project launches – pricing, which units are available, how to buy, where to buy etc. Here, I wish to repeat this – Thank you for your… more

Let’s Think – How To Rent Your High End Condo?


  Lately I am busy looking for accommodation in Seoul, yes, I’m going to Seoul soon. Yippie! Okay, back to business… While browsing airbnb.com, I notice that there are quite a number of apartments/studios which are rented out for short term (daily to tourist) and long term basis (monthly). Some of the units are really popular to tourists that they are booked throughout the year! So what makes these units… more

Mr & Mrs Fragrance From Italy


    If you are looking for room fragrance to freshen up your room’s scent, this home product might be it !   “ Freedom to Change – freedom of Colour, Shape, & Fragrance, freedom to create the atmosphere You like Best. “   Mr & Mrs Fragrance are imaginary couples who work as the “Perfumers” in our house, our faithful, efficient, and effective collaborators. Their main characteristic is their… more

iProperty.com Asia Property Market Sentiment Report 2015


  iProperty.com Asia Property Market Sentiment Report 2015 is the first cross-market online property survey of its kind with iProperty survey respondents from 4 countries to reveal their motivations, intentions and preferences in acquiring property. They include: Malaysia (iproperty.com.my) Indonesia (rumah123.com and rumahdanproperti.com) Hong Kong (GoHome.com.hk) Singapore (iproperty.com.sg)     It’s a long survey report, 65 pages in total. However if you are a Malaysian, the coverage is only about… more

“Little Japan” in Johor Baru


  With Little Korea in Ampang … soon there will be Little Japan in Johor Bahru. There are more and more attractions coming up in Johor, from Legoland to now Little Japan! The intention is to attract Japanese to relocate to Malaysia. Good move, especially after last year’s drastic tsunami, I suppose more wealthy Japanese are willing to seek other countries as their second home. But are there many Japanese… more

Condo Market Challenging


  More discouraging news on oversupply of condominiums in city center, especially luxury ones.  Luckily I’m not in this segment (where to find such huge budget to invest in the first place). Hopefully this year being the mythical “doomsday” will not bring more bad news to all of us.     PETALING JAYA: With close to 2,600 high-end condominiums scheduled for completion in Kuala Lumpur this year, the outlook for… more